Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Thoughts on Afghanistan

The events at Afghanistan have a special meaning for me, as the son of a friend of mine is at the German Army, already there. Sometimes I follow the news at Guardian.co.UK and this weekend I´ve come across with the pictures of the market on fire at Kabul.
Regardless the sadness of the destruction, and objectively, I have to say that the photographs of buildings in ruins are amazing, specially two of them that I consider ¨artistic.¨ In the eyes of an architect, the ruins have a certain kind of beauty.

If you look at the last image, you´d think it´s an architectural installation, but not. I´ve cut out one of the pictures I´ve selected and passed it through filters.
The same I´ve done with the previous one, to emphasize the structure of steel lines. The first one, I prefer to leave it as an ¨abstract;¨  I´ve added the red stains like candles, as symbols of the dead.
Here is the link for the gallery and the original pictures:

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