Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Pipes 1. Caños

Pipes in an old building and their secrets inside, across all stories...

Like. ¨Me gusta¨

This picture is based on a short essay about the ¨like´ button and it´s showing my thumb up. Here is the story:


Eucalyptus. Picture digital manipulation

Trees path in Central Park

A photographic digital manipulation. I took the picture at the Central Park in Huntington Beach.

Kidneys 2. Riñones 2

I´ve created this painting based on a picture of fish and bok choy that I´ve cooked myself

Hands. Manos

This is based on Escher´s illustration of hands drawing themselves

Nocturnal series. Nocturnas

Rupture. Ruptura

Kidney 1. Riñón 1

Icarus´ series

Architect Daedalus taught his young son Icarus how to fly with the wings he fabricated himself; but warned him not to fly so low close to the sea, not too high, close to the sun. In his enthusiasm, Icarus forgot the warning and the sun melt the wax that tied his wings.

And Icarus fell to the sea and drowned. Daedalus cried in anguish and lamented his arts.

Milky Way. Vía Láctea

Burning Eye


New Year series

Star 1

Sperm series

 Sperm 7
 Sperm 2

When I created these paintings, that are editions of fractals, I was thinking of the magnitude fertility. I was lucky to have the opportunity to feel life inside me, to have two daughters, one son.

Sperm 6

Beijing, the Forbidden City. La Ciudad Prohibida

The Forbidden City was the Chinese imperial palace from the Ming Dynasty to the end of the Qing Dynasty.
In my picture, the red as a meaning of " forbidden", " beware of" . The confusion for a city that is not clear for everybody. But, they can read the rectangle of walls enclosing the forbidden, they are quite visible.
¨It is quite clear, though, that colors generally do have a meaning both in themselves, by contrast with noncolors, and in terms of increasing the redundancy of other cues. For example in ancient Peking most of the city was low and grey, the sacred and hierarchically important section was centrally located, larger in scale, more elaborate and higher, and the use of colors were restricted to that section.¨ Amos Rapoport. The Meanings of the Built Environment. A Nonverbal Communication Approach. P.113. California, 1982

Yin and Yang

White Ship. Nave Blanca

A ship from a fractal attractor, based on a story by H.P. Lovecraft
" Out of the South it was that the White Ship used to come when the moon was full and high in the heavens. Out of the South it would glide very smoothly and silently over the sea. And whether the sea was rough or calm, and whether the wind was friendly or adverse, it would always glide smoothly and silently, its sails distant and its long strange tiers of oars moving rhythmically."
H.P. Lovecraft. "The White Ship"

New Year

Alien Animal. Animal Extraterrestre

An alien insect or small animal in the sand. It reminds me the beetles I covered with sand at the beach, when I was a child on vacation. And they always found their way out to the light, so their tracks behind.

¨Red and Slim found the two strange little animals the morning after they heard the thunder sounds. They knew that they could never show their new pets to their parents.¨
Isaac Asimov. Youth

Águila Guerrera- Warrior Eagle

Violet flower

I love this flower, though it has a kind of melancholy. I usually pass it to somebody in sympathy. It has the death's colors. 

Earthquake 2

Digital manipulation of a picture of one of China's earthquakes
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