Thursday, November 15, 2012

From " The strange art of death"

I've always felt this fascination with the art of death, I enjoy watching the death costumes, people dancing for their dead, eating Mexican sugar skulls, burritos and tacos on the ¨Día de los muertos¨. I have my own -humble- collection of skeletons stamps and folk art that I buy at Olvera St in Downtown Los Angeles in the November events.
Today I´m sharing the article ¨The strange art of death¨ published at BBC News Magazine, and leave the link to watch the video of the exhibition in London. The illustrations are my screen shots from the video.

¨Dying is a fact of life. The very last fact, in fact. But the way in which people have prepared for death, and a possible afterlife, has been complex and contradictory through the centuries.
Hundreds of works from a unique personal collection devoted to the iconography of death are now on show at the Wellcome Collection in London. Take a look at some of the artefacts and artwork amassed by American Richard Harris - with Wellcome Collection curator Kate Forde.¨

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