Thursday, November 15, 2012

From " The strange art of death"

I've always felt this fascination with the art of death, I enjoy watching the death costumes, people dancing for their dead, eating Mexican sugar skulls, burritos and tacos on the ¨Día de los muertos¨. I have my own -humble- collection of skeletons stamps and folk art that I buy at Olvera St in Downtown Los Angeles in the November events.
Today I´m sharing the article ¨The strange art of death¨ published at BBC News Magazine, and leave the link to watch the video of the exhibition in London. The illustrations are my screen shots from the video.

¨Dying is a fact of life. The very last fact, in fact. But the way in which people have prepared for death, and a possible afterlife, has been complex and contradictory through the centuries.
Hundreds of works from a unique personal collection devoted to the iconography of death are now on show at the Wellcome Collection in London. Take a look at some of the artefacts and artwork amassed by American Richard Harris - with Wellcome Collection curator Kate Forde.¨


  1. Como me ha gustado descubrir las pinturas de este autor, es especial como tus diseños.

    1. Gracias Conxita, tené en cuenta que lo que muestro son de varios autores, si te gustan, no podés perderte el video. Un beso,


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