Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Possum lying in the marsh. Comadreja yaciendo en el pantano

This is a possum lying in a marsh with flowers, and it was inspired by all possums that die in the freeway everyday, this is an aesthetic way to show its death, instead of being smashed in the cement. This area is full of possums (comadrejas, zarigüeyas) and usually come to look for food, in consequence there are brave fights with dogs. At first, I didn´t recognized them as they are SO fat, huge, not like ours in the country, here, they live on the trash and whatever they can find in the Wetlands in front of the beach. One of them used to visit us and slept inside one of my plant pots, a small one, nothing would scare him (or her), it came to ruin my plants every night. This is my revenge.

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