Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Inspired by "Propeller Island". Inspirada en "La Isla de Hélice¨

Propeller Island (also published as The Floating Island, or The Pearl of the Pacific) is a science fiction novel by French author Jules Verne (1828–1905). It was first published in 1895 as part of the Voyages Extraordinaires. A French string quartet, traveling from San Francisco to their next engagement in San Diego, is diverted to Standard Island. Standard Island is an immense man-made island designed to travel the waters of the Pacific Ocean. The wealth of residents of the island can only be measured in millions. The quartet is hired to play a number of concerts for the residents during their tour of the islands of the South Pacific.(Adapted from
I was a girl when I read the book and it was pretty boring to me, but now I have enjoyed the making of this digital painting based on this novel. Who can forget Jules Verne? From the whole book, the description of the propeller or helice, caused me a strong impression, maybe I didn´t understand too much what it meant. So, I took the theme, in old dark scale of greys as a reminiscence of the illustrations in the first editions.
This island reminds me the cities of Archigram, they could be anywhere.

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