Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Attack to a cube. Ataque a un cubo

This attack to the cube could be immoral for some people:
¨Expediency therefore concurs with Nature in stamping the seal of its approval upon Regularity of conformation: nor has the Law been backward in seconding their efforts. "Irregularity of Figure" means with us the same as, or more than, a combination of moral obliquity and criminality with you, and is treated accordingly. There are not wanting, it is true, some promulgators of paradoxes who maintain that there is no necessary connection between geometrical and moral Irregularity. "The Irregular," they say, "is from his birth scouted by his own parents, derided by his brothers and sisters, neglected by the domestics, scorned and suspected by society, and excluded from all posts of responsibility, trust, and useful activity.¨
Edwin A. Abbott. Flatland. A romance of many dimensions. With Illustrations by the Author, A SQUARE.1884

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