Friday, January 27, 2017

Neo-cubist animal.

I'm having a sort of conflict with this acrylic on canvas because it was not intended to be an animal but a non-figurative with a geometric shape. But while I was advancing, the shape took a more organic pattern which I think it was due to the use of the knife. And somehow I saw a couple of  intertwined birds, then it ended up being a weird animal.
I told my associated, take a look, what do you think? I'm going to cover it completely. And he said, no, I like this "animal" and its neo-cubist spirit.
And I replied I didn't like the main structure too much, and he said, the eye is bothering you, let it be, a painting doesn't need to be based on a beautiful thing.
It was horizontal but he said it must be vertical with the eye in the far left corner.
And here it is, I'm not going to scratch it after all. At least not for now.

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