Sunday, March 16, 2014

My digital works as an homage of Frida Kahlo. Mis trabajos digitales como homenaje a Frida Kahlo

In January 2014 I´ve participated in a competition of digital works for the event ¨Frida Kahlo: her photos¨, at the Museum of Latin American Art of Long Beach. From the 300 works that were sent from around the world, only some (can´t tell how many), were selected to be projected at the event. Among them, the one right above was selected too.
The maximum of works to be submitted were three, and today I am showing them all.
They are based on Frida´s quotes, being the first one related to the water, and the last one to her own death.

I also prepared the following two, but didn´t chose them to send to the Museum.

Frida and her passion

Frida and her pain

Today, I´ve had a wonderful afternoon at the Museum MOLAA, here I´m sharing some pictures:

That´s me, now an official local artist in Southern California!


  1. Buen trabajo Myriam.!!!
    Aunque su historia es triste y plagada de detalles "distintos", me apasiona su pintura, su color y su personalidad.

    1. Gracias Conxita! Yo estoy leyendo su biograf'ia, que es una aventura constante. Aprovecho para aclarar que las fotos expuestas pertenecían a Frida. Un beso y feliz semana!


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