Thursday, July 4, 2013

Woman with her dog looking at the sea. Mujer con su perro mirando al mar

I took this picture with respect, never trying to show the woman´s face, that I´ve barely seen.
I was reflecting about the scale, in architecture one of the main subjects is the human scale, but then it is  out of context in a landscape where we don´t have built references. Of course, the original photo is bigger, but to create this feeling of uncertainty, I cropped the surrounded people and left a towel, that looks enormous in the distance. And the dog, sitting next to the woman, looks even bigger than her.
The unknown object (I suppose it´s a beach bag full of stuff), together with the dark sandals are closing the triangle composition, while the waves and the towel emphasize the horizontal lines.
Let´s consider it as an exercise of scaling. I´ve chosen the black and white to make it even more surrealist.

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