Wednesday, June 19, 2013

From the Aztec Codices 1. De los codices aztecas 1

With this digital manipulation of one of so many images from the Aztec Codices, I´d like to open a new series. Have you ever imagined how archaeological art would appear today if using digital tools?
So, here I am transforming, disturbing, manipulating, re-coloring the ancient Aztec images. More is coming in the following posts. Take it as an exercise of color and morphology, there is no lack of respect for them, but a respectful contemporary homage.
In this one, the background was also changed to give it a more abstract appearance.

Aztec codices (Nahuatl: Mēxihcatl āmoxtli [meː'ʃiʔkatɬ aː'moʃtɬi] are books written by pre-Columbian and colonial-era Aztecs. These codices provide some of the best primary sources for Aztec culture. The pre-Columbian codices differ from European codices in that they are largely pictorial; they were not meant to symbolize spoken or written narratives.The colonial era codices not only contain Aztec pictograms, but also Classical Nahuatl (in the Latin alphabet), Spanish, and occasionally Latin. Although there are very few surviving pre-conquest codices, the tlacuilo (codex painter) tradition endured the transition to colonial culture; scholars now have access to a body of around 500 colonial-era codices.

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