Friday, October 12, 2012

Harpo 5 and Harpo 6. My Grey Pop art?

I´ve been exercising with these intertwined images called ¨Harpo 5¨ and ¨Harpo 6¨. And it was by chance that I came across with the article at Frieze Magazine that shows an illustration by Thomas Bayrle. They define the style as Pop Art or Grey Pop.  

Thomas Bayrle, Sloping Loafers/Smooth (2012)

¨Thomas Bayrle has been working since the mid-sixties and is now recognized as key figure in European ‘Pop Art’, sometimes referred to as Grey Pop. In Bayrle’s work, single units are replicated and stretched into a mass, describing a world suspended between positive collectivism and deadening uniformity. His varied practice has spanned painting, sculpture, fashion and graphic design. For Frieze Projects, Bayrle will present two patterned works along the entrance to the fair and in the public squares using designs originally conceived in 1967, derived from pairs of loafers in traffic- light colours and the Laughing Cow motif from the French processed cheese brand.¨

I´m not sure that my Harpos 5 and 6 could be labeled as Grey Pop, given my process is absolutely different. Yes I do have in common the replicated units, but they are not the same and my painting is more chaotic....

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  1. Colores en movimiento me encanta muy lindo gran trabajo,abrazos hugs,hugs.


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