Saturday, November 5, 2011

Frozen Landscape. Paisaje Helado

The once-strong Viking looked up from the cattle bones scattered on the floor, to his wife  and children´s eyes. He sadly reflected that it had not been a good idea to go after Erik the Red, and even worse trying to found in this arid landscape, an European prestige based on livestock. They would not survive that raw winter, but perhaps he could find a temporary solution until the gods had mercy on them. He tenderly caressed his dogs, and without any doubt, he brandished the big hunt knife, over and over again.
On the other side of the primitive island, the Inuits dragged the whale dodging the icy fiords. That night there would be party in the tribe.

I´m the author of this short story, and it was selected -together with the digital painting- to be published at Orizon Literat, P. 59, Year III, No 6 (20), Nov-Dec 2010. ISSN 1844-4229. The story has been published in Spanish, English and Romanian.

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  1. FELICIDADES AMIGA... Se aprecia una escritura SENSIBLE y ESPERANZADORA... espero y deseo que estés MUY BIEN... se te echa de menos


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