Friday, October 14, 2011

Rat´s head. Cabeza de rata

Inspired by Bram Stoker´s story The Judge´s House (In the book Dracula´s Guest). The rat seems almost human, but it was devil.

¨There on the great high-backed carved oak chair by the right side of the fireplace sat an enormous rat, steadily glaring at him with baleful eyes. He made a motion to it as though to hunt it away, but it did not stir. Then he made the motion of throwing something. Still it did not stir, but showed its great white teeth angrily, and its cruel eyes shone in the lamplight with an added vindictiveness.
Malcolmson felt amazed, and seizing the poker from the hearth ran at it to kill it. Before, however, he could strike it, the rat, with a squeak that sounded like the concentration of hate, jumped upon the floor, and, running up the rope of the alarm bell, disappeared in the darkness beyond the range of the green-shaded lamp. Instantly, strange to say, the noisy scampering of the rats in the wainscot began again.¨
Bram Stoker. Dracula´s Guest. 1914


  1. Hola Sofía, viste, me salió como para Halloween, jajajaa, un beso, gracias por visitarme


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